Okay I’m going mad! As an avid follower of Moschino since I was a young teen i was overly excited and slightly obsessed with their Barbie Style collection showcased at Milan Fashion week.
I used to collect their jeans in every vibrant colour and strive to purchase at least one key item from each collection but this time I want the whole lot… Jezza Scott has smashed it! Someone get me to Milan to sweep up the props!


Lots of bling, chunky chains, accessories to die for and a theme to bring back the girly past times of our childhood.

Here are my must haves;


The jumper dress this is going to be my first purchase at £495 it’s a pricey one but its loose fitting and I know I’ll wear it more than once.. Available online now!

Gold buttons – ever since my Juicy Couture jacket which I loved just for the gold buttons I’ve been on the hunt for another. So when I saw this I swooned over the giant gold buttons glistening in the lights, a revamp on the burberry mac and I love it!

Bling sunglasses! When I went to Ibiza when I was 18 I stuck massive swarovski AB crystals and went raving in them so soz Jeremy but that was my trend! However if Moschino put these on sale I’ll be first to buy love these!


Puffy skirt dress thing – I love this not only for the bling and the pink but check out the skirt; no need for control pants this will hide that muffin and the second cheek syndrome 😉 pass me the McDs hehe!


Crystal 2 Piece – I’m not sure I am the right shape to wear this but it’s pink, it’s smart and it’s covered in super sparkly crystals. With matching shoes available it’s a must have!


I’m just crying I won’t get my hands on a Moschino barbie boohoo!!

Oh hail Jeremy Scott! X


As an ex-Second handed Essex girl I do have a guilty pleasure in TOWIE even though I know it’s mostly fake and set up and I don’t really know what to believe I just can’t help it.

I record every episode mainly because with my buzzing social lifestyle I miss them, no really my bed is the only venue I’m at after 10pm!

Everyone knows someone who knows at least one of the characters which kind of ruins it but this makes finding out the gossip even more easier!

So I watched The spin off TOWIM today and surprisingly I was laughing out loud especially at the ‘Barry’ boys thong that took some guts it worked though even Paris Hilton instagrammed it!

I’m over the moon at Elliot and Chloe’s relationship albeit a tad jealous, like he is mr perfecto! Ssh! Why can’t I be swooned with those flowers!
Love the fact Vas J Morgan is in it I bet old Tulisia C is fuming he’s the one who exposed her home video! (I think) Although I do wish Chloe and Lauren would make up because I really like them especially Chloe.

Don’t get me started on Ferne.. And the scary Star Wars wardrobe borrowing boyfriend Charlie, she is the biggest ignorant idiot ever.. I’m not a fan not at all. Someone needs to buy her a voice changer it’s irritating! She should definitely follow suit and LEAVE!!

Grace is just my fave she is just normal and her friendship with Georgia is enviable they and Fran seem pretty tight and get on well!

So I watched this in a slightly bad mood.. No reason just one of those annoying flat days and the ‘next episode’ clips actually made me laugh so much I had to rewind several times! This had made my day, or my week I’ve laughed so much ever since I saw it!
If you don’t want to watch the first part watch episode 2 on Wednesday.. Jasmin Walia throws her drink over big-head Hunky Dan and Grace flips and twitches like I’ve never seen it made me cry with laughter! She’s
a ledge in my eyes just a normal girl who reacts in the most decent ways, here’s a screen shot!


I’m starting to really like the newer crowd in the program but are not sure of the plain newbies who stripped off at the apartment with jungle hair Tom (lend him the shears!) they don’t really fit the bill. Watching Towie does make me reach for the tan and run upstairs to check the eyebrows are in order so at least it’s keeping me in check!

I wanted some rollers for ages but realistically I’m too lazy but yet moan and long for bouffant, soft wavy hair with tons of volume. Typical.
So for the past year I’ve been eye-ing up Cloud Nine heated rollers called the ‘O’ but priced at £199 my laziness didn’t justify this spend. 😦

Last week I bit the bullet and swallowed it excitedly ordering the gift set which included a storage/carry case, rollers in different sizes, clips, spray and the O Pod, linking it to some kind of orgasmic experience ‘Ooooo’ it was irresistible. However I went mad and ordered 4 extra large rollers as these were not included, clips to match and the recommended special offer of a magic spray which reduced during time (it does aswell!).


So I tried them today and after watching an online tutorial On how to put them in I was off, you put each one inside the pod and within seconds it beeps and are ready to put in your hair. There’s an indicator which starts to go red and once it fades to black they’re ready to take out wow!


I left them in for roughly 30 minutes whilst I sat in the garden in the fun for extra heat hehe and I’m wowed by the result, in no time at all I have salon quality bounce in my long hair! Never had this before so for now I feel ultimately glam and I’m ready to go face the joys of the supermarket bumper trollies to grab some pimms.. Who said being independent was dull?

I rate these 4.5/5 as I feel the larger clips don’t properly secure your hair when using the big rollers so I had to kind of balance them and not move!



Available here; http://www.cloudninehair.com/the-o

I love Facebook I love the stalking element really, most of the time I see good things, juicy gossip, and the occasional pic of socialites which give me the case of the green eyed monster because I don’t have so many sociable friends anymore!
I imagine these socialites to have a newsfeed full of comedy, glamorous pictures, exciting gossip and just normal people. I wouldn’t know what this is like however because on a daily basis I have the most depressing ‘face friends’. Am I alone? Here’s what I learnt today on Facebook;

1. I woke up to a picture of crusty toes complete with chipped nail varnish.. Why? Because the girl had stumped her toe.
2. I also learnt that someone’s child had been sick all over their bed… Nice.
3. I hear about three people can’t get a job but yet they’ve been applying for jobs for over a year… Really?
4. I obtained an update for the crusty toes this time a closer picture, still with chipped varnish in view.. Why? Why? so I have to see this if your going to post feet at least have them in decent condition! Gag!!
5. Two people were stuck in their ‘usual’ traffic jam.
6. I found out one person is going away on a specific day but this was an update so they are providing the thieves info of the best day to break in.. Lol security at it’s best!
7. I took 5 whole minutes to try and understand one specific sentence which involved the words ‘bot’ = about ‘da’ = the… CRINGE!

So all in all really exciting, but the dilemma is what do I do about these? Delete them? Sounds easy right.
No, not when someone decides to organise a ‘girls night out’ with these crusty toe, sick boasting, whiners and everyone is chatting via inbox and they stop replying once they realise you’ve deleted them. Haha! Oops! I’m not too bothered but you can’t help feeling guilty, there is one question everyone needs to ask themselves before posting..

Do my face friends really want to know this?

Probably not.

Human Poop-a-Scoop not quite so glamorous as it might sound or does it? But I’m knackered. I haven’t got kids yet I do want them but I’m scared of the chores involved I’m not one for sick and blood in fact the sight scares me and for that fact alone I’m not excited for parenting.
However I do have small dogs, 3 of them – cute, loving, naughty dogs but I wouldn’t be without them.

For the past few days one of them hasn’t been too well leaving slimey parcels around the house, I even had some in the ensuite shower this morning. Nice. Secrectly I was half glad as this was the easiest one to get rid of bit of shower spray and Cif actifoam voila! Domestic Goddess at it’s best!

Taking them to the emergency vets last night was the worst 2am and I’m driving back with all 3 of them because I notice 2 of them were really not well and if I left the other he’d bark the house down! I reminisced about driving the same route what every Friday night 5 years ago car full of friends singing our hearts out and chomping on Mcdonalds after a night out… But nooo this is life now!

So I’ve hit a realisation now as I chuck on the PJs and creep into bed to try and catch up on my sleep and the husband chucks on the World Cup as England are playing, which delays my sleep even more that this is my life and this is who I am. The human poop-a-scoop whether it be in the garden with nappy bags or nursing my poorly dogs this is the working class, home owning, housewife modern girl.


Wow just wow. As someone who prides themselves in smelling nice I’m straight onto the band wagon when something new comes out for both the body and home.
I just have to try the new air freshener and yes I’m one of those who sprays them in the aisle then grabs one from the back.. Don’t we all?

I hadn’t actually seen these advertised but do my shopping online and thought these were something I had used before. These are the new fabric softeners by Comfort made by Unilever, they claim they are blended together by perfume experts but I wasn’t too bothered, and apparently has 100% more fragrance but they all give us this schpiel when they release something new, like how on earth can they fit more in a bottle?! I just hoped they smelt nice. I had used Comfort before, the pink strawberry and lily kiss was my favourite but move over pinky these have wowed me. I mean really wowed me, I’m not being paid to review products so you can trust exactly what I say.
I think they do other varieties but I tried both of these and my clothes smell amazing, my washing machine afterwards smell amazing and my tumble dryer is pushing out the strong smell around my house.
I washed my bed sheets with these and my dogs blanket and we all woke up smelling like these Comfort smells.
I really hope they don’t stop making these as I’m in love! I can’t stop smelling my clothes and just want to wash everything even if it doesn’t need it.
The Indian rose & Musk (lilac and red bottle) smells a bit like a rosé in the bottle and I do think if I smelt this in the shop I wouldn’t have bought it but this is my favourite it has a slight oriental perfume smell to it if you get me! I knew id like the sandalwood as it’s my favourite smell and I always tend to like candles etc with this in and this is slightly more fresher this is what I used on my bed and it clung to my hair all day.
It’s a 5 star review from me and I can’t wait to do more washing! Oh hail Comfort.